Django Material Kit2 - OAuth, Extended profiles, Docker

Premium Django Starter enhanced with OAuth (Github & Twitter), Extended User Profiles, Self-Deletion option, and Docker Support

Django Material Kit - Premium Seed project
Django Material Kit - Premium Seed project

Hello! This article presents the latest evolutions of Material Kit PRO, a premium seed project powered by Django. In the latest version, the product support OAuth via Github & Twitter, Extended user profiles, a Self-Deletion option, and improved Docker support. For newcomers, Django is a leading backend framework actively supported and versioned by programming experts and open-source enthusiasts. Thanks for reading!

ChangeLOG - product version: v1.0.4
  • ✅ OAuth via Github & Twitter
  • ✅ Extended Users profile
  • ✅ Self-Account Deletion
  • ✅ Improved Docker Scripts

OAuth via Github & Twitter

This authentication method is optional and becomes active once the app detects the OAuth secrets in the .env file. For instance, if GITHIB_ID and GITHUB_SECRETS are provided, on the Sign IN page the Github authenticator becomes visible.

👉 Access the LIVE demo and see how it works
Django Material Kit - Oauth Sign IN (premium starter)
Django Material Kit - OAuth Sign IN (premium starter)

✨ Extended Users Profile

In this version, the registered users are able to save their information, and also delete their accounts.

Django Material Kit - Profile Page (premium starter)

Another enhancement for the profile page is the contact that will notify the application owner with a text sent by the registered user.

Django Material Kit - Contact Form (premium starter)
Django Material Kit - Contact Form (premium starter)

✨ Future evolutions

The product is under heavy development for more features:

  • ✅ Stripe Payments
  • ✅ Deployment automation (AWS, HEROKU)

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