Go LIVE with Django .. FAST - Pixel, Soft Design, MKit (all free)

Learn how to Go LIVE with Django using three open-Source kits and Render: Pixel Lite, Material Kit, Soft Design (MIT License).

Go LIVE fast with Django (via Render)
Go LIVE fast with Django (via Render)

Hello! The video mentioned in this article presents the latest updates for three popular Django Starters and also demonstrates how to Go LIVE in minutes using Render as the deployment platform. Thanks for reading!

All the above starters, mentioned during the video material, can be downloaded from GitHub and based on the permissive license, can be incorporated or used in commercial projects and eLearning activities.

Go LIVE with Django Starters

✨Video Transcript

  • βœ… Access the Sources for all Django Projects
  • βœ… Present the project structure and modules
  • βœ… Deploy the projects on Render

During the demonstration, no low-level server configuration or manual compilation is performed.

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