Rocket eCommerce FIGMA

The FIGMA release of Rocket eCommerce starter, a simple yet powerful boilerplate built with all the core essentials for a powerful eCommerce - crafted by AppSeed.

Rocket eCommerce - FIGMA preview, crafted by AppSeed
Rocket eCommerce - FIGMA preview

Hello Coders! The Rocket eCommerce got a nice update. The FIGMA project is available for download and preview. All pages are mirrored in FIGMA, which might help the developers prototype, bootstrap, and customize a new eCommerce project faster with (almost) zero configuration. Thanks for reading!

NOTE: The source code can be downloaded from GitHub (public repository) for those interested in trying the product before buying.

The advantages of using this eCommerce Solution compared with the classic ones like ShopifyWooCommerce or Medusa are simplicity, low costs, and the possibility to extend the core features via a custom development effort that any developer can do.

Rocket eCommerce - Open-Source eCommerce (EULA License), crafted by AppSeed
Rocket eCommerce - The product Thumb Image

Here are the pages mirrored in FIGMA:

Rocket eCommerce - HOMEpage
Rocket eCommerce (FIGMA) - HOMEpage, crafted by AppSeed
Rocket eCommerce (FIGMA) - HOMEpage

Rocket eCommerce - Category Page
Rocket eCommerce (FIGMA) - Category Page, crafted by AppSeed
Rocket eCommerce (FIGMA) - Category Page

Rocket eCommerce - Product Page
Rocket eCommerce (FIGMA) - Product Page, crafted by AppSeed
Rocket eCommerce (FIGMA) - Product Page

Rocket eCommerce - Search Page
Rocket eCommerce (FIGMA) - Search Page, crafted by AppSeed
Rocket eCommerce (FIGMA) - Search Page

The product is continuously updated based on the user's feedback and issues reported on GitHub.

Thanks for reading! For more starters and support, feel free to access: